Nov 3, 2016

2AToday ep.43: 2A Panel #2 featuring Robert Farago of TTAG, Chip Bennett and Kevin

YaDaddy is joined by TTAG's Robert Farago, Chip Bennett and Kevin for the 2nd 2A panel show that will be the last regular 2AToday podcast. One more episode numbered 44 and then 2AToday is moving to YouTube. Look for 2AToday on - Just search "2AToday podcast" and subscribe.

Jun 8, 2016

2AToday ep.42: 2A panel #1 featuring Gunsplain, Kevin & Chip Bennett

2AToday returns from hiatus with a new panel format featuring 2A activists and the subjects they bring to the show. YaDaddy and Kevin are joined by "Gunsplain" and Chip Bennett for this first 2A panel episode.

Feb 25, 2016

2AToday ep.41: Inside CNN’s “Guns in America Town-hall” with AFRA board member Jay Wallace

YaDaddy goes solo for this look at the CNN “Guns in America Town-hall” featuring President Obama. American Firearms Retailers Association board member Jay Wallace was there and joins us to tell the behind the scenes story, plus more.

Dec 13, 2015

2AToday ep.40: “The Truth About TTAG comments” with Robert Farago.

Peter Gould returns to join YaDaddy for a very special episode about the comments from “the armed intelligentsia” at “ blog. TTAG founder Robert Farago joins us to read the stand-out comments to TTAG articles and make our own comments about the comments.

Dec 1, 2015

2AToday ep.39: “ATF, the devil you know” with David Codrea.

YaDaddy and Kevin are joined by columnist and returning "NFA All-star", David Codrea, to discuss the reality of "Ban the ATF" and the "devil that we know" in the BATFE.

Nov 24, 2015

2AToday ep.38: “OK, so who’s crazy?” with Dr. Jack Feldman

2AToday is live at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, GA. Returning guest expert Dr. Jack Feldman (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at GA Tech) joins YaDaddy and Kevin to discuss how the “mental health approach” to “gun violence” impacts your firearm freedoms and to answer the question “OK, so who’s crazy?”

Nov 15, 2015

2AToday ep.37: “Moms with Guns” with Beth Alcazar

Returning "NFA All-star" Beth Alcazar of the USCCA’s Pacifiers and Peacemakers blog joins YaDaddy and Kevin to tell the story of Moms with Guns.

Oct 18, 2015

2AToday ep.36: NFA series #5 - After Action Report on “NFA is not OK” episode.

The show about the show. As promised in episode 35, the following show is an “After Action Report” about the epic “NFA is not OK” episode. YaDaddy is joined by Kevin and one of the NFA All-stars, Braden Langley of "Langley Firearms Academy" for more about NFA and a discussion of the ground-breaking episode 35 of 2AToday.

Aug 2, 2015

2AToday ep.35: NFA series #4 - NFA is not OK with the “NFA All-Stars”

A truly epic 2AToday episode with an unprecendented collection of 2nd amendment and gun world stars (The NFA All-Stars) speaking their minds on NFA restrictions. Peter and Kevin also have their say and YaDaddy delivers a special rant at the end. Be sure and visit to learn more about the NFA is not OK campaign.

May 20, 2015

2AToday ep.34: NFA series #3 - How can we bring about change with NFA? with Knox Williams of the American Suppressor Association.

The 3rd episode in the NFA series has YaDaddy joining Knox Williams of the American Suppressor Association in their Atlanta office. Kevin and the returning Peter Gould join in for a discussion on “How can we bring about change with NFA?”

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